Saturday, April 24, 2010

Debunking the Post-CFTC Precious Metals Fearmongering Campaign - Erik Townsend, Financial Sense

A detailed, lengthy and fairly critical discussion of what has been referred to as: "The Greatest Fraud in History"


Anonymous said...

GATA's talents as I know them are: (1). Hosting excellent wine and cheese parties.

(2). Unintentionally providing some humour into dry junior resource company conventions.

I find it funny that GATA's website aeems to feature the image of Don Quixote as its mascot.

Louis Paquette said...

I should take a survey to determine how many investors believe GATA is on to something and how many don't.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Who has jurisdiction over the LBMA, and do they have more credibility than the SEC-CFTC? It would be helpful if the US Fed would agree to its first audit since Eisenhower. Currently, there is no accountability -- only secrecy, financial WMDs, secrecy, deficits, secrecy, and money printing backed by, nothing. Does it pass the smell test? The reader must decide.

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