Saturday, April 24, 2010

U.S. Decline, Sloth Look a Lot Like End of Rome: Mark Fisher - Bloomberg

The U.S. today is a mirror image of the Roman Empire as it tipped into chaos. Whether we blame our bloated government, a greedy elite or a lethargic population, the similarities between the two foreshadow a gruesome future.


Anonymous said...

The United States does have serious problems but the fall of the Roman Empire and the fall of the United States is a song and dance I have been hearing since 1970's

In fact it is grandstanding to compare the two.

Rome was a city state that rested on a simple economy of agriculture. It extended its power abroad only by enforcing the payment of tax which was mostly bushels of grain. The wealthy were land owners and consumed their wealth with little investment.

It is better to discuss the real problems of the United States, western world, China ect with recent events and leave the Emperor Nero comparisons to the drama queens.

Louis Paquette said...

I would agree the situation is vastly different in many ways(i.e. Roman empire was mainly agricultural, etc.).

So let's drop the comparison. Valid point.

But I would still submit the American empire has reached its zieneth and is turning down. It's been said empires always fall for 3 main reasons;

1. Over extened miliatary (how many military bases does the U.S. have around the globe?)
2. Moral corruption
3. Fiscal corruption

I don't think anyone would argue these aren't the case today. So okay I accept comparing America to Rome may be incorrect. But I would still assert that the America's empire is falling and will be replaced, likely by the Chinese.

Thank you for posting!


Anyone else have an opinion/viewpoint on this subject I'd like to hear it...

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