Thursday, March 10, 2011

Save, Invest, Speculate, Trade or Gamble? Doug Casey, March 10, 2011

For some time I've been saying that the economy is in the “eye of the storm” and that when it emerged, the weather would be far rougher than in 2008. The trillions of currency units created since the Greater Depression began in 2007 have papered over the situation, but only temporarily.

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Anonymous said...

Once again Casey at bat and he strikes out again. He forecasts a depression in the future, a GREAT VAST depression, never before seen.
It may happen and if it does people will not have basic food and water BUT if they listen to Casey they will have their GOLD.

He recommends gold mining stocks, which are generally the most risky of all stocks. AND he recommends people (most likely elderly people) invest their life savings into these stocks in the hope their will be a mania.

Why not invest your life savings into a tip at the horse track?
It is possible that "Red Roxanne" finishes first, there is some logic that even supports her performance. But it is a Gamble.

Casey "explains" what the differences between investors, speculators and gamblers. Nonsense.
The difference is speculators and gamblers are putting their money down on a short term bet. The shorter the term the higher the risk. Investors put their money down for the medium and long term.
If Casey really wants people to invest for doomsday he should tell them to buy a warehouse and stack it with cigarettes and booze.

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