Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Radio Program to Highlight Business

Peter Grandich to host new financial radio show comencing June 24th, click title above for details.


Anonymous said...

This is a joke? We business men must keep a moral / ethical code, but biblical insights to business?

Like when Jesus kicked out Money Changers out of Temple, yes.

When Judas sold out Jesus for a bag of Silver when he should have demanded Gold?

Why not use Greek mythology to guide your hand in the stock market?

Why not use the "philosophy" in Star Wars sage to help you in the Bond Market?

Louis Paquette said...

Good one. I admit - it is 'unique'.

I know Peter pretty well. He's a great guy. I actually admire the fact that he isn't afraid to wear his Christianity on his sleeve. Most men are afraid to do so in this day in age, it is most unfashionable of him. And I actually admire that.

Besides that, he's made some pretty good calls in the past, so I will be tuning into the show.

Thanks for chiming in. Don't be shy next time, and tell us what you really think.;-)

Oh, and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Lou:What is the connection between gold bullishness and Christianity? Not always the case,(David Rosenberg for example)but often it is so!

Anonymous said...

He might be a competent business analyst, but it is more than disturbing that he is always peddling pro-zionist links and disinformation on his web page.
Moreover, his holy blessings given to US military adventures sound very much like neo-con propaganda. His religious views seem to have an non-religious agenda, therefore they cannot be trusted at all.

Louis Paquette said...

"What is the connection between gold bullishness and Christianity?"

I'm not absolutely sure - but let me take a stab at this; How about - since paper fiat currencies are basically a lie - supposed value based on nothing more than the pretty paper it is printed on, yet gold is true value in itself - the only form of money that isn't someone else's obligation ...something like that.

Anyone else have thoughts on this..

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