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Huffington Post Exposes Gold Ponzi Scheme - Global Institute of Visionary Wealth

Wow, I can’t believe the news that’s breaking! Yesterday a big story broke in the Huffington Post, and it is huge, but unknown news to many. I’ve been communicating the importance of this to your wealth over the last year, and thankfully, it is gaining more visibility now.

You’ve GOT to read these articles. Finally a reporter put all the information together in one place for people to read the truth! This is a very important financial story because it affects all of us and our money. Long ago Alan Greenspan wrote the way to keep the dollar stable was to short gold and keep the price down. When gold prices escalate, it draws attention to the fact that the value of the currency is declining against the value of what used to back the currency: gold. So keeping the price of gold low maintains the illusion that the currency hasn’t been flooded by the printing presses, which it certainly has lately.

Besides the price being manipulated, the problem is the physical gold that trades in the COMEX market is not backed by gold, it’s backed by paper. That means traders can force delivery of gold until it runs out and there’s one heck of a short squeeze, causing the price to skyrocket someday, as mentioned in the second article below. That would make George Soros’ quote come true: “Gold is the ultimate bubble.”

(Add to the fact that central banks have become buyers instead of sellers, and China has made it legal for its citizens to buy gold and silver now, and you’ve got serious new demand).

The reality is the big hedge fund managers are already on top of this and piling into gold, as I have written about John Paulson, Eric Sprott, Greenlight Capital, and others.

The Russians and Chinese have been openly reporting on the gold price control and sooner or later, everyone in the world will know about it.

Here’s the article:

Here’s how it may play out for huge gains in the future:

Just to reiterate, I’m not a “gold bug” or someone who has been bullish on gold forever. The reason I bring this to your attention is because there is a market manipulation happening that is invisible to most people, unless you see how it’s being controlled and what it means for the future. I expect there still could be wild price fluctuations. I wouldn’t rule out a big correction, but consider accumulating some gold and precious metals stocks on dips when you have the chance. Don’t buy GLD or SLV as they are only paper and not required to have physical gold (as per the prospectus). Longer term, the outcome I expect over the next several years, is for higher prices.

Shorter term, GDX and GDXJ, along with silver stocks are starting a technical breakout and could make a run to new highs soon.


From the Author: Full disclosure: I own gold and silver stocks and ETFs.

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