Thursday, October 29, 2009

David Bensimon on BNN

David predicts TSX 26,000 and Gold at $2,600 by 2014 based on a US Dollar falling by one half.


Anonymous said...

Hey Diamond Lou,

Where have you been? Could use your input and analysis on the daily gold story thread on MarketWatch. Log in and send me a note. I've been short the gold mining indexes for the last two weeks, about to take profits Monday.


Louis Paquette said...

Hey goldoption - long time no hear from! You got to give me a link to the article in question. I went to marketwatch but didn't see anything on the front page.

They do have some neat stuff such as Frank Homles' interview about gold though.

Nice move doing that two weeks ago, looks like you nailed the top perfectly.


Louis Paquette said...

I hope you took your profits in the first hour of trading Monday - BEFORE word got out that India was purchasing half of IMF's holdings!

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