Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Death by cell phone

This is a bit off topic but I was compelled to post it. Cell phones need to be banned for use by drivers. They are causing needless accidents and on occasion, deaths.

Warning: the YouTube video there is sad and upsetting. But everyone should watch it and then demand that these devices are banned for drivers with severe penalties for those who violate bans.


Anonymous said...

This issue is not totally off topic.
Investing money and engaging in the activities of life one can not ignore risk. If you ignore risk you welcome a negative emotional experience. Being in traffic, be it on foot or in a car is not a safe place to be. Ignoring the dangers and not being aware increases the probability of a painful experience for yourself or others.
The people who hurt the most from investing are the people who ignored the risk that their gold or stocks, ect could go down.
The solution is to be aware but not fearful of the dangers of investing and of life.

Louis Paquette said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Diamond Lou:

Walking D/T to meeting today. My guess is around 1/3 were on the phone, while they were behind the wheel.


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