Friday, May 29, 2009

Articles about spending and savings habits of Canadians - SympaticoMSN Finance

Here are a handful of interesting articles that I thought readers might enjoy. The first one is the bad news - how Canadians are going bankrupt in record numbers.

But then there is the good news - how smart Canadian consumers are taking control and turning their backs on conspicuous consumption and living WITHIN their means...If you are having trouble with finances - here is a blueprint to follow to change things around! Rule number one - spend what you need to spend. The only way to get ahead is to save! Don't feel bad - it's actually becoming "fashionable to be fruggle".

Canadians declaring bankruptcy in record numbers

Canadians make the shift to thrift

Secrets of successful savers

The golden rule: Hedging your bets with bullion

This last article actually concerns me a bit. As far as I can recall, this individual has never given one mention of the gold sector for the entire bull maket. Maybe this is what happens to bring in the masses for the big final moves up in price when everyone and their dog starts tossing money at a sector. Like the last year or two of the Internet bubble.

Still, I find it a bit of a concern when people who have completely ignored gold the decade long bull market, all of a sudden turn into gold bugs after the price triples...when everybody has been doing this for a while - that's when we will know it's time to go....

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