Saturday, April 11, 2009

Britain's worst hour

Binge drinking, youth crime, celebrity worship: Is this Britain's worst hour?

A drinker outside a British pub. Binge drinking, public violence and a feeling of cultural angst is plaguing Britain's youth.

Something is rotten in Britain. Young men are stabbing each other to death at an unprecedented rate, the centres of many towns are no-go areas on weekends as drunks spill out of bars and terrorize passersby, and Britons are obsessed with celebrities such as Jade Goody, whose funeral last weekend led to scenes reminiscent of the death of Princess Diana.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... Louis: forgive my lack of attendance (you know where I am).
... I would offer that the 60's was merely a tie-dyed barbarianism, a rejection and rebellion against the social foundations of our society.
... And now, the consequences are unavoidable and unmistakable.

Louis Paquette said...

Iain - good to see you back. I have seen some of your comments elsewhere and enjoyed them.

I couldnt agree more. The party appears to be over. Too much of a good thing, too much permissiveness, drunkeness, not enough discipline...

All I suppose we can do is be thankfull for what we have and try our best to raise our own better. So far so good my daughter has committed to me never to smoke, etc...

Happy Easter!


B said...

This is the culmination of moral decline in the UK that began with the liberal Parliament of Wilson in the 1960s. Socialist programs have created 4th generation unemployment with no concept of work ethic. They have never experienced parents or grandparents with jobs. Their idea of life is to be housed, fed and cared for by the government from cradle to grave.
America should take warning of the decline socialism promises. Civil rights should only be granted to those with basic civility.

Louis Paquette said...


Well said. The article singles out Britain - but the same sorts of things are appearing everywhere. There seems to be these diminishing returns from rights gone wild. I am for freedom and liberty as much as anyone. But where was I reading recently that ship captains can't fire upon pirate boats off the coast of Samolia for fear of being sued. The bad guys are winning...msybe it's a matter of many lawyers and liberal judges?

Well, if people such as yourself and Iain would assert themselves more, maybe the ship can be turned around.

Thanks for the comments.


Anonymous said...

Lou, during most estimates think as high as 10-15% of the adult population drink too it is a lot worse.

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