Friday, April 03, 2009

Boom time for the public service - National Post Blog

“Recession?” these government workers are saying. “What recession?”

Prior to the last big recession in 1991, there were 96.3 federal, provincial and municipal workers for every 1,000 Canadians. Then, after years of Common Sense Revolutions, Alberta Advantages and cutbacks at all levels, that figure fell to 93.3. Now there are more than 101.5 government workers per 1,000 Canadian men, women and children. Nearly one in five working Canadians is now employed directly by one of the three levels of government, or by schools, universities and colleges, hospitals, social service agencies, Crown corporations and so on. These mark the highest levels of per-capita peacetime public-sector employment in our history.

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Canadian GDP = C + G + I + (X-M)

C is Consumer Spending

G is Government spending
which is over

I is Investment spending (all business spending on capital goods and services)

X is exports minus

M is imports. usually X is slightly higher than M

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