Thursday, March 26, 2009

China weighs paper gold against dollar as reserve currency - The Daily Bell

The world outgrew the gold standard decades ago. But a "paper gold" standard might be one way out of the global financial crisis. Zhou Xiaochuan (pictured left), governor of China's central bank, has proposed shifting the world from its dependence on the US dollar to a new reserve currency managed by the International Monetary Fund.


Anonymous said...

America will need a new currency before Geithner and the politicians are finished expanding the debt and destroying the dollar but the solution is a gold backed currency free of government manipulation. The Campaign to Cancel the Washington National Debt by 12/21/2012 through constitutional amendment begins. See our facebook page at

We are also planning to have a booth at FreedomFest 2009, the world's largest gathering of free minds! July 9–11 in Las Vegas. Ron

Louis Paquette said...

Thank you for sharing that with us and bravo for taking on such a worthy yet challenging task! Please keep us up to date with your activities!


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