Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heading for a meltdown - by Dan Arnold, Author of "The Great Bust Ahead"

"This depression will happen. Our immutable
demographics make it absolutely inevitable. It’s
nobody’s fault. It cannot be fixed or wished
away. The federal and state governments cannot
prevent it. It’s just as unstoppable as a tidal
wave. We have to accept the reality that it is
coming, and plan for it as best we can. Use the
knowledge that is provided to you in this article
and the book The Great Bust Ahead, which also
reviews the social impact, to plan for this
catastrophic depression. Imagine it is 1922 and
you know with certainty that the crash of 1929-
32 and the depression of the 1930s are coming."

Read this article which for a refresher on what is coming ahead in terms of demographics. IMO - Dan previously an engineer at GE, has nailed it. The graphics in this article and in his book make it crystal clear what lies ahead.

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