Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A greying nation - National Post

Before rushing headlong to embrace deficits on the scale being contemplated in the U. S., our policymakers should reflect on a key difference between the country today versus when we clawed our way out of previous recessions -- Canada is a rapidly ageing society with ballooning financial obligations.


Anonymous said...

Every so many years the Government studies a concept called the Universal Minimum Income.

Which is basically pay every adult a minimum livable wage.

The very wealthy are not included. When the so- so rich folk get their income check it is taxed back.

This would be a very expensive hand out but it would eliminate most of the government bureaucracies: welfare department, employment insurance, canada pension plan, old age security, transfer payments, ect.

It would also reduce the tax department.

The problem is that it would eliminate too many phoney baloney jobs and would actually make things easier.

Louis Paquette said...

LOL - That's one thing you can count on - no government employee is going to do something that makes his or her job redundant...

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