Sunday, August 17, 2008

PBS Interview with author of The Limits of Power

PBS's Bill Moyers sits down with history and international relations expert and former US Army Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich who has recently published a book entitled THE LIMITS OF POWER: THE END OF AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM He discusses the three serious threats facing democracy in America today; crisis of economy, government and militarism, and calls for a redefinition of the American way of life. Pretty sobering but extremely insightful stuff.

I am stuck by how well he has described the situation. Also by how much of what this very mainstream individual is saying that parallels exactly what some of the non-mainstream individuals we've been listening to lately are saying, such as James Kunstler and others.

"Sometime around the 1960s there was a tipping point, when the "empire of production" began to become the "empire of consumption." When the cars started to be produced elsewhere, and the television sets, and the socks, and everything else. And what we ended up with was the American people becoming consumers rather than producers."

It's a great big picture interview, from a new source for us, covering everything from Iraq, Oil the "empire of consumption"and the debt bubble - well worth a listen.

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