Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop using food for biofuel, West told - Nat Post April 10th

FROM FOOD TO FUEL - Since April, 2006, eight million hectares of corn, wheat, soya and other crops that once provided animal feed and food have been diverted from food production in the United States to biofuels. - In 2008, 18% of U.S. grain production will go to biofuels. - Brazil -- the world's largest ethanol producer -- Argentina, Canada and Eastern Europe are diverting large amounts of sugar cane, palm oil and soybean crops to biofuels. - Europe has mandated a 5.75% use of biofuels by 2010. If achieved, this could require 20% of Europe's cropland to be diverted from food to fuel production. - If Australia were to replace 10% of its unleaded gasoline with bioethanol, and if this were to come from fermentation of wheat, it could require about 40% of the country's annual average wheat crop.


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