Monday, February 25, 2008

Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age

Al Gore and David Suzuki have been scamming the public. Lorne Gunter's brief article in the National Post today (linked in the title above) dispels all of the garbage these scam artists have been feeding an unsuspecting public.

As a result of these con artists, we have things such as ethanol, which is contributing to a serious distortions in the food markets and possible shortages, rising prices for everyone and real hardship for the poor. Today for instance, wheat prices went "limit up" again in the futures markets. These self appointed saviours of mankind are actually creating real hardship. Next we will have "carbon taxes" to contend with. All of this - based on lies and intimidation.

Of course subscribers can counter some of these negative impacts by investing in Fertilizer stocks to offset rising inflation.

David Suzuki has declared that politicians who don't fall into his way of thinking should be jailed. This wanna be tyrant is the real danger to society.

Thank you Lorne for this excellent article.

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